“Bree gets my brand”

I’m a great speaker and communicator, but conveying concepts succinctly in a written fashion — not so good at that!

I hired a copywriter to save time, money and brain cells. I hired Bree because she gets my brand. She made sure she understood the project before beginning it. She took the time to understand my brand, to find my voice, emulate it, and make it shine through. Bree delivered copy in my voice and it conveyed everything I wanted it to!

I recommend Bree to subject matter experts and CEOs who want and need their voice to shine through, but don’t have the time or the skill set as excellent writers.
— Meghann Conter, Mistress of Marketing and Founder of The Dames

Meghann Conter

Mistress of Marketing and Founder of The Dames, a community for powerhouse female entrepreneurs

The Dames


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“Hiring Bree opened up my schedule to do other things that I wanted to focus on”

I didn’t know what a copywriter was when I was introduced to Bree, but after our initial consultation, I knew she was a great fit for me & my business!

My business is not ordinary. It’s not something most people chose to hear about much less research and write about. Bree chose to learn more about what I did and the community I served. She did a great job helping me express my thoughts.

And she absolutely delighted me. The initial drafts were always filled with interesting information, the layout was eye catching, and of course the call to action was exactly what my clients needed.

She delivered product as promised, on time, every time. Sometimes we’d have to make revisions and she always heard what I said and reflected my desires in the writings.

She’s kind, polite, a good listener, extremely helpful, and an extraordinary copywriter. She really knows what she is doing and her sweet personality makes it that much more special!

I would recommend Bree to anyone who is looking to have the load of writing content off of their plate. I felt it opened up my schedule to do other things that I wanted to focus on.
— Dana Young, Intuitive Coach for parents of special needs children

Dana Young

Intuitive Coach and Advocate for parents of special needs children


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“I can just talk to Bree about my vision and she brings it to life”

My goal was to put together a really killer freebie, and I hired Bree after she was referred from a very trustworthy source.

I knew the direction I wanted to go, but I’m just not confident in my writing. I was able to simply hand over an outline to her, because she understands me, my voice, and my vision — and she just really brought it to life!

The very first draft was great! She took everything on so wonderfully, and I’m just so happy with the final version.

I personally love working with Bree because I can just talk to her about my vision, and not only does she get it, but she will bring it to life. I would definitely recommend Bree to anyone who wants to verbalize what it’s in their heart, and have it transformed into copy.
— Cara Barone, Business Coach and Strategist

Cara Barone

Business Coach and Strategist

Cara Barone


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“100% virtual business relationship where Bree writes in my voice — it’s been great!”

I’d never worked with a copywriter before. I needed content to educate people on cannabis law topics, but there’s not enough time in the day to do that and provide for the legal needs of my current clients.

I heard about Bree through a women’s networking group, but we didn’t meet in person. I was hesitant to embark on a 100% virtual business relationship where she’d be writing in my voice, but it’s been great!

Bree is prompt, responsive, and does her homework when preparing blog posts and providing ideas for content. I serve a pretty technical, specific legal niche and she’s nailed it from the jump!

Bree helps connect me with my broader audience by bridging that gap and identifying topics of interest to them. Bree’s da bomb!
— Rachael Ardanuy, Cannabis Business Attorney | RZA Legal

Rachael Ardanuy

Cannabis Business Attorney

RZA Legal


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“I adore working with Bree”

I love having a resource for generating LOTS of unique content strategy for a variety of different topics, and that’s Bree in a nutshell.

She has made a huge difference in my business, providing me peace of mind, because I know that she is creating blogs and newsletter content for me constantly.

I’m always impressed with her ability to come up with new and fun ideas for my audience, and how incredibly quick she is to respond to any request.

I adore working with Bree.
— Willy Wilson, Branding Photographer | Life Unstill

Willy Wilson

Branding Photographer

Life Unstill


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