What I can do for you

Hey, my name is Bree. You’re probably wondering if I’m any good at what I do, so I’ve laid out the basics first.

I’m a digital nomad with amazing WiFi connection, working with brands and agencies to provide copywriting and content strategy. My ideas and writing are infused with creativity, backed by data, and designed to persuade your audience to buy.

Here are a few things I’m extremely good at

  • Writing website copy delivered in content wireframes.

  • Writing promotional sales emails.

  • Writing autoresponder campaigns.

  • Writing full sales pages.

  • Writing thought leadership content.

  • Developing brand messaging and content strategy.

  • Teaching you how to write fantastic copy.

 Testimonials about my work

I recommend Bree to subject matter experts and CEOs who want and need their voice to shine through, but don’t have the time or the skill set as excellent writers.
— Meghann Conter, Founder and CEO
I personally love working with Bree because I can just talk to her about my vision, and not only does she get it, but she will bring it to life. I would definitely recommend Bree to anyone who wants to verbalize what it’s in their heart, and have it transformed into copy.
— Cara Barone, Brand Manager
Bree has been able to capture my voice and energy in her writing, and this is in part a reflection of her collaborative process: she asks questions, listens, and writes. I also appreciate that Bree approaches content development from a high level, so that it ties into my marketing strategy.
— Saree Parry, Interior Decorator
This article is freaking amazing!
— Nicole Hanusek, Design Agency Owner
I would recommend Bree to anyone who is looking to have the load of writing content off of their plate. I felt it opened up my schedule to do other things that I wanted to focus on. She delivered product as promised, on time, every time.
— Dana Young, Special Needs Advocate
I was hesitant to embark on a 100% virtual business relationship where she’d be writing in my voice, but it’s been great! Bree is prompt, responsive, and does her homework. I serve a pretty technical, specific legal niche and she’s nailed it from the jump!
— Rachael Ardanuy, Cannabis Business Attorney
I’m always impressed with her ability to come up with new and fun ideas for my audience, and how incredibly quick she is to respond to any request. I adore working with Bree. She has made a huge difference in my business.
— Willy Wilson, Brand Photographer
Bree sounded like me, but a better version of me.
— Lynelle Trigalet, Leadership Coach

 Website and Landing Page Examples


👉 Increased client’s website traffic 400% within 1 month of rewriting copy

👉 Landing page brought in 2 inquiries within 2 hours of launching

👉 Sales page increased new sales revenue by $12k in 6 weeks

Copywriting samples

 Email Newsletter and Campaign Examples


👉 Sales email produced 60% open rate and 20% conversion rate

👉 Email campaign announcing price increase resulted in 0 cancellations

👉 Autoresponder sequence saw 16% increase of event attendees

Copywriting Samples

Thought Leadership Content Examples


👉 Client received local newspaper coverage due to press release

👉 Article received over 3k impressions and 1st page placement without any marketing

👉 Consistent blog posts resulted in interest to purchase the company for more than annual revenue

Copywriting Samples


Industry Experience

  • Business Development

  • Brand Design

  • Cannabis Entrepreneurship

  • Commercial Real Estate

  • Construction

  • Digital Marketing

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Health & Wellness

  • Interior Design

  • Leadership Training

  • Legal Matters

  • Mental Health

  • Personal Finance

  • Personal Branding

  • Photography

  • Private Equity

  • Publishing

  • Self-Improvement

  • Sports Equipment

  • Technology

  • Website Development

 What I cannot do for you

There are a few scenarios where I can tell you right now I’m not the right fit. Not many, but these would qualify:


🚫 Get rich quick scheme marketing

🚫 MLM product/service marketing

🚫Direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical ads

🚫 Social media management

🚫 Blog or website maintenance

🚫 Graphic, web, or print design


If you’re looking for persuasive sales copy, effective brand strategy, or authority-building content… let’s talk.

 How to work together


Ready to take the next step?

If you’d like to talk about starting a project together, please send me an email from my contact page.


Still thinking it over?

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