Copywriting Portfolio for CSTMR

Yes, I made this page especially for you.

Dear Rory Holland, Zareen Fidlon, and Jenn Derango:

First and foremost, congratulations on your incredible growth as of late. Hyper-growth mode is an exciting time for a company, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was pushing your superstar team to its limits.

As a freelance copywriter, I manage a variety of client projects spanning 25+ industries across seven time zones in four countries, writing persuasive copy for B2B and B2C websites, landing pages, ads, emails, and more. I’ve maintained a client retention rate over 95% because I deliver quality work on time and to the client’s specifications.

I love to interview clients and listen to their story, so I can easily identify and emulate their brand’s voice. It’s been tremendously helpful in developing brand messaging guidelines and positioning statements for my clients. I believe my process works well because I’m an active listener, pausing only to ask thoughtful questions in order to draw out the essence of a brand.

My method has brought praise from as well as incredible results for my clients:

  • Increased website traffic 400% within 1 month of rewriting copy

  • Landing page increased new sales revenue by $12k in 6 weeks

  • Sales email produced 60% open rate and 20% conversion rate

  • Autoresponder sequence saw 16% increase of event attendees

You’re in hyper-growth mode right now, which is awesome. That in itself deserves some serious congratulations. Unfortunately, it comes with some major growing pains. It’s impossible to keep up with that kind of growth, while still keeping your focus on your clients (where you want it to be).

If you have a moment to chat about your upcoming projects and approach to working with clients, I'd be happy to talk by phone or start an email conversation. In the meantime, here are some examples of my work.



This digital ad concept is based on the original LinkedIn post. The headline and additional language identifies one of the position’s core competencies of writing in multiple brand voices to attract attention and generate greater engagement.

I was hesitant to embark on a 100% virtual business relationship where she’d be writing in my voice, but it’s been great! Bree is prompt, responsive, and does her homework. I serve a pretty technical, specific legal niche and she’s nailed it from the jump!
— Rachael Ardanuy, Cannabis Business Attorney, United States

Landing Page

This sales landing page was developed in coordination with a small digital marketing agency for a B2B client in the private equity industry. The language touches on the target audience’s desire to generate more value in less time for portfolio managed companies by showing typical results of 30% growth in 50% less time.

Bree has been able to capture my voice and energy in her writing, and this is in part a reflection of her collaborative process: she asks questions, listens, and writes. I also appreciate that Bree approaches content development from a high level, so that it ties into my marketing strategy.
— Saree Parry, Interior Decorating Business Owner, Canada

Website Copy

The website copy for this leadership coach presented the unique challenge of communicating B2B and B2C. We developed a content strategy to funnel visitors to an “individual” or “organization” side of the website where the copy reflects the different needs and desires of the respective audiences.

I personally love working with Bree because I can just talk to her about my vision, and not only does she get it, but she will bring it to life. I would definitely recommend Bree to anyone who wants to verbalize what it’s in their heart, and have it transformed into copy.
— Cara Barone, Brand Manager, UK

Email Campaign

This 12-sequence B2B email campaign went out to a mailing list of less than 1,000 subscribers and brought in $8,876 in 20 days. The campaign was delivered with female business owners in the startup phase and focused on the pain points of overwhelm, low confidence, and lack of clarity to launch a support-driven business course in the beta stage.

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