How I write in your brand's voice in just 3 steps

As a copywriter, I combine marketing science with the art of branding. I pride myself on emulating the voice and tone of my client’s, so I can translate what’s in their heart’s to the page — or screen. I’ve honed my system down to 3-step process, and it’s all about the client.

The surefire way to slay writer's block

Writer’s block is nothing more than fear rearing its ugly head. There are a lot of ways to work around that fear to get back to writing, but it’s all temporary. There’s only one surefire way to slay writer’s block for good, and that’s to work through the fear. Name it, identify it, and work through it — so you can get back to writing.

Cut your writing time in half

Creating content takes time. A lot of it. Even when you have a stellar content strategy, you can get bogged down by language and finding the right words to connect with your readers. Cut your writing time in half by starting with a new way of outlining your content and at a word bank in case you get stuck.