Business Advice

How to reject a choosy beggar… nicely

Choosy beggars plague creative freelancers and service-based businesses by asking for free work or steep discounts in exchange for elusive future work, dubious exposure, or nothing at all. These scripts explain how to say no to a prospective client who wants more for less.

How to get paid without fucking up your client relationship

Not getting paid is the bane of every business owner’s existence. You want to get your money, but you don’t want to ruin your relationship with your client. Get the exact language you can use to chase payments and make your client excited to pay you.

Are you suffering from Cobbler’s Children Syndrome?

The cobbler was too busy to cobble shoes for his own children. While cobbling may be an art of the past, entrepreneurs are now the modern-day proverbial cobblers. Are you neglecting your own specialty? Discover 5 symptoms that you’re suffering from Cobbler’s Children Syndrome — especially when it comes to your content.